Who can make you laugh?

“There are so many beautiful girls around that after a while you start looking for someone who can make you laugh”

― Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City


How many times did we have terrible dates? I can tell you, even one it`s enough. I know that feeling, when you`re sitting next to the boy, he`s telling you something, but you don`t listen, you`re bored. All your thoughts are, about the moment when you`ll finally say “Good buy” to him. After couple more dates like that, you decide to stop dating everyone, who just looks pretty and start looking for someone special. For me it`s super important if the man has a sense of humor, cause sometimes you need just to relax and laugh on some jokes with somebody else. We have too many empty people around us, that sometimes you need somebody who will understand your stupid joke.

  First time, when I met my boyfriend I found his jokes too childish and didn’t take them serious, but good thing, that first we were friends and I got to know him better. I understood that all these jokes are the way how he can feel more relaxed. We have different jokes, cause we were raised differently, but it`s interesting to find something new, from other perspective. It`s like a whole new culture of jokes and interests. Right now we have our own jokes and I find it cute.

I cannot stand the person who doesn’t understand jokes, for me it’s like a lack of taste.  Your sense of humor tells other people how smart you are and how much knowledge you have. For my group of friends it`s a regular thing to read new jokes, or tell some puzzle to make your brain work. All this happy moments stay in our memory way longer, than something else, cause first you remember the joke, after you remember the moment when it was said.

We spend mostly all the time next to other people, some of them make you happy, some of them don`t. But the people who are the closest definitely should bring joy in your life, cause with time you`ll be tired of fake smiles and compliments. Be next to a person who is happy, when you are happy.

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