Those three words.


No, I`m not talking about “ I love food” , I actually mean words “ I Love You”. When it`s time to tell them? I think, it’s the hardest question ever, cause nobody knows when is the right time.  But another question usually stop us from saying those words, will you hear the same response? So let`s talk about some points.

First of all, don`t hurry to say “I love you”, you will feel when is the time. For everyone it’s different, for one person it can be in couple hours or days, but for you it takes months and maybe year. Don`t force yourself, cause better to say them sincerely, so you`ll be honest with yourself and your partner.

Don`t try to find a “perfect” moment, cause every moment with your partner is perfect. You can say it anytime you feel like it, cause first time you`ll say them  be perfect anyways for both of you.

Try not to force your partner to answer you right away, cause maybe one week it`s not enough for them to understand their real feelings. Give them time and they will definitely say how much they love you.

For me those words mean a lot, I hope for you too, that’s why I think better to wait and keep them till you`ll see your partner`s actions and prove of their love. Cause only actions can prove the feelings. Little things like random visits in the middle of the day just to see you,  or sending him a real time picture, cause he misses you, that`s something that can prove the real meaning of those words.


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