Smart or pretty? Just happy.

We all have some criteria when we are looking for a person: tall, brunette, with long legs and beautiful smile. We think that all this points are super important.  But is it important to have beautiful body, but ugly soul. Today I met a couple, he`s tall and regular guy, but his girlfriend, is not a “tiny girl”, but they were dating for three years. I think for him it totally doesn`t matter is she skinny, or not, most important, how good is she as a person. Cause when you`re together, you need to talk about something and to develop. Of course, I`m the person who tries to find somebody who will be handsome, smart and intelligent, and of course that cannot be one person, that why we should give up on something, if we want to find our person. We should always think smart, cause our future is the most important aspect. We shouldn`t be just happy with a person, happiness is not enough. I wanted to say, that there are only few perfect couples, from the inside, but who knows how happy they are inside. If you cannot find perfect person, just find somebody who love you as you are.


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