Skinny and healthy.

More and more I hear that people are staying on a diet. But, they are not eating healthy food, they are eating nothing. They`re starving, cause one apple per day it`s not enough for your body. I know, that I`m not the person who has problems with counting calories, but I have my close friends, who are always on a diet, but they are eating normally (cause I`m cooking). You should eat a lot of vegies and fruits and not only once a day. My friend lost a lot of weight, but she was eating 4-5 times per day, every three hours, last meal four hours before bed and small portions. You should enjoy your meal, cause there are so many delicious things to try. Don`t eat whole cake, just little piece, to try it. After you had your meal, you shouldn`t feel full, you should feel little bit hungry, don’t stretch your stomach.  Of course you should drink a lot of water, detox your body, you can make water even tasty by adding fruits and mint in it (mmm yummy). And you cannot lose weight by just not eating, how about sport? Let`s move your but a little bit and do some exercises. Cause I can hear a lot, that people think “ohh she is so tiny, she can eat everything”, but that’s result of some exercise activity, when you were eating, somebody was running. I know it`s way easier to gain weight, I have that experience, but if you want to look pretty on the beach, you should work. All people around me are trying to be fit and they care about not only outside look, but about their health too. All this Instagram and other pictures of the meal, where I cannot even find food, are just a big disaster, cause 16 years old girls start thinking that they are fat. You should look in the mirror and like what you see, don’t look at this models, that’s their job and photo shop. So, All I really want to say, that you should be on the first lace healthy and do your best, cause every time you look in the mirror, you should see pretty face, smiling.


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