Recent Purchases. MAC and Eveline Cosmetics.


Hello guys! Hope you had a great week. So, recently I bought new mascara, Mac Zoom Waterfast lash.  I really love mascara that I can take off with water, it`s a main criteria how I choose my mascara. Before, I had Dolce&Gabbana Desire. I just love, love it. Good brush, easy to apply and easy to take off. Ok, let`s talk about MAC mascara. Firstly, I love packaging, its medium size and has nice black color.  It`s easy to apply, but you know it’s hard to apply new mascara, cause it`s all over your face.  Another thing that I recently purchased is concealer/highlighter by Eveline Cosmetics. What can I say?!  It`s more highlighter then concealer. It doesn`t cover very good blemishes and doesn`t blend very well under my eyes, which makes it look kinda heavy. Thats why, I prefer to use it as a highlighter.

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