“Perfect people”.


We`re not perfect; we all have things that people might not like to see, and I like to show my faults.

Grace Jones.


When I meet person for the first time, I try to show my real character with all imperfections. I cannot pretend that I like person, or I`m glad to stay with him/her.  I know that`s not the best way to start relationships, but I consider that all this imperfections make us real human. Usually when I meet a person, they think, I`m a rebel, crazy girl, who has red hair, tomboy outfits and even a tattoo (wow), but all that is not who I am inside. It`s just something how I express myself. So, for me it`s really important, will person talk to me, or just make opinion by looking at me.  I really enjoyed few quotes by Grace Jones, and when I looked up in Internet, I saw a woman-model, actress, and singer. And she always says interesting things about her look, she is not the prettiest woman in the world, but she has something that catches your eye. I think that is important, something inside you that can attract people. It`s not enough just to be good looking, or smart, always should be something more. That’s why we always should develop ourselves, to be not only a “singer”, but an artist in general. Don`t forget, always will be people who don`t like you, but most important to surround yourself, with good friends, that know real you and your potential.

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