Packing for vacation / Собираемся на каникулы

Tomorrow we leave for the Hawaii vacation! Yay! But before we leave I wanted to share with you my packing tips. I hope they will be useful for some of you.

My packing starts with a list of things that I want to take with me, because most of the time I forget small things that are very important.

Before packing, I most of the time go through my wardrobe and try to mix and match outfits, so they will be more practical. Take only pieces that you will actually wear, not potentially ha ha.

Going for vacation you may take just summery clothes, but you should be prepared for the cold weather too. Take one or two warm pieces, just to put on in the evening.

Take a hat and sunscreen. Protect your head and body from the sun as you want to enjoy your vacation and look good on pictures.

I am sure you heard abut this tip, but I will repeat it. Don’t fold your clothes – roll them. That is the most amazing trick, as it saves the space which is supper important for us.

I know that we will go hiking and it`s very important to take sport wear, especially shoes. If you know that you will have active vacation, bring comfortable shoes and as I mentioned before head cover.

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