One call.

I totally understood how week is woman, when the right person is calling. One call and we are ready to leave everything just to see “that person”. How week we are, and that’s not even your person, it’s your “friend”. I have a friend, she is such an interesting person. She is cute, smart and super funny, but only one problem, she couldn’t find the right guy. The guy who will protect and take care of her, or just be next to her in different moments in life.  We are women who lives in a men’s world, and there is even limited addition of them, so when we will find our person? So, my friend after school moved to another country. New life, new experience, but always something was missing. Finally she thought she found interesting guy: clever, funny and unusual, but behind all that, he was just a child, who was so afraid to see real world. But the thing, it’s too late, cause she likes him and how sad she feels when he pretends that they are just friends. But she needs something more and something permanent. That will be next to her no matter what. I totally understand how she feels, moments when you just need somebody who will make all decisions, somebody who will take care of everything, maybe for one day, or just an hour, doesn’t matter. And sometimes you even dream, how good all this romantic movies are, with their happy endings. But no matter what is happening, we should be strong and love ourselves more that some random guy. So, yeah, little relationship problems.


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