New pair of shoes and not only…

You probably will think, that I want to talk about my new pair of shoes, you`re half way right. Let`s add to this shoes, why we buy them, there is way more, then just spending money. I really care how much money I spend, cause I have limits, but anyway I go and buy them. Of course I`ll tell, that that’s only for myself, but this little thing change a lot in my inside world.  When I go shopping I always think, that I dress up only for myself, but that`s not true. I want that somebody else will look at me and say, how cute I look wearing that. It`s all about man. My friend usually dresses up, how she wants, but more often I can see clothes, that her boyfriend bought for her. Of course she chose them, but anyway, that was his gift and few years ago, she would never wear that type of clothes. We spend a lot of time in front of mirror getting ready and just for “ourselves”. In reality we need attention from “that” person. Clothes express our inside feelings. You can see the girl wearing flawless dress and she has smile on her face, that means she is in love and shows it to others, but wearing something light and flirty. I can say, that for me wearing heels is a big deal, so when I wear them, must be a big reason why I do that. We are girls, our mood changes a lot, but clothes are the only way how we can show with, without saying that. Don`t forget, that woman likes what she hears, so if you see girl in a bad mood, just say how cute she looks and you`ll make her day.  By the way I`m in love with my new pair of shoes, I know I`m crazy about shoes, but they are just perfect.


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