Make a statement / Заяви о себе

Bigger is better – that should be the rule for your accessories this season.

Being different and colorful is a must this year. Some very bold and big accessories and just ruling the fashion world. A lot of bloggers, fashion designers enjoy asymmetry in their jewelry.

Tassel earrings – the trend that most of you would think already passed, but it`s actually got way more popular this summer.

Diversity in a color pallet is just amazing. The same with the sizes, they go from a very short to the very long once, that touches your shoulder.

I was never brave enough to wear hoop earrings, but since is very popular this season, I`ll give it a try. You can select not only from the simple metal earrings, but from those who have a lot of stones and different type of decorations.

So, at the ends I would like to tell you, that you should be brave and do not be scary to experiment with your jewelry. Choose anything that you like and rock it.

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