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I decided to talk about some personal stuff, like relationship. We all have image of the perfect relationship, perfect date and perfect sex.  But sometimes people disagree with you. I faced this problem, when people were saying that my view on relationship is wrong.

How usually people describe perfect relationship? With no arguing, always spending time together and same opinion on everything.  How boring and not true it sounds for me. If you don’t argue, that means you don`t care. Everything cannot be too good, obviously you`ll not like something about your partner, it`s normal. Of course you`ll not be able spend whole day together and even talking on the phone while you are not next to each other, is too much for me. No way that you`ll be agree with you partner on everything and have same opinion. You don`t need to pretend that you like everything, cause he likes it.

Other than that people expect relationships to be cute and romantic, like in all this romantic movies and TV-shows. I`m not the most romantic person and thanks  God, my boyfriend too. So, for us is normal to talk only we have something important to say during the day. I like to act with him more like a friends, that a boyfriend.  I like more when he buys for me sweets, fruits, than flowers.

I don`t expect that everyone will agree with my relationship, but I definitely don`t   want people with no relationship, give me advices.  It`s like person who talks how to be rich, with no money for living.

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