Get your body ready for summer.

So, only one month left till summer and we need to be ready for that. We want to wear cute clothes, that are perfect for summer and feel confident.


I think, first of all we should start to work out. You need to do some exercises, cause it`s good for your body and for your health. Start with something simple and 15-20 min. No more excuses, summer is close.


Another step is to eat healthy food, something light, with a lot of vitamins. Eat more vegetables, fruits and light meat like chicken. Even your snacks should include fruits or vegies.  Drink a lot of water, not coffee.


Of course, we should not forget about our skin. Use sun cream when you`re going out, cause you need to protect your skin. Make facial masks and don’t forget about rest of your body. You want to have smooth, hydrated skin, which means you need to take care of any dry places. Use moisturizing products.


Now girls “favorite” moment – waxing. I know, it`s a painful procedure, but it`s a good way to remove your body hair for the longer period of time. It`s a good alternative for shaving, cause it removes hair from the root.


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