Friendship or relationship?

I want to share with you one story about friendship and relationship. Why it’s so hard to keep it separately? My best friend has a friend. This girl has boyfriend and usually my friend was hanging out with them. One day this boy, started texting her and saying that he likes her. That was super confusing, cause she is very good friend with his girlfriend.  Why he decided that she`ll ruin her friendship and will answer on his feelings? The question was, should she say about this situation to her friend? We were discussing what will be better, to tell her, or not. At the end she told her and that girl was very surprised. She asked her boyfriend about everything and he told her a fairytale. So sad to hear that, cause she accepted his story. But the point is, why her? She is a friend? And these situations are so confusing, cause it`s hard to decide what is right and what is wrong, but all what I know, that friendship is more important. So, yeah that`s a little story that can happened with anybody and you should decide what to do. Better to be lone then with a wrong person.


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