First date?! What should I do?!

So, finally that day happened and you are going on the first date. You`re so excited and stressed at the same time. Tons of questions in your head, you try to make plan and figure out what you should wear? Where to go? Some conversation ideas.  Questions, questions and questions, just stop and relax, everything is not so stressful and you should go with a flow. So, here I have three most interested questions and me and my friend answered them, so you can see girl`s and boy`s view on the same questions.


How girl/guy should be dressed up?

N.    I would like to see girl wearing something attractive, cause first impression is very important. But don’t go overboard, if outside is -20 and she comes wearing short dress, I`ll think, that she is crazy.

A.    I think boy should wear something, that he feels comfortable in, cause you can definitely tell, if it`s his style or not. I would prefer him wearing something casual, but grungy at the same time. Like T-shirt with shirt, looks really good.

Were better to go on first date?

N.    Again it depends from the season. Summer time, we can go to amusement park, eat cotton candy and go on Ferris wheel, and I think that’s perfect ride for first kiss. But, if outside is cold we can go to cafeteria place, nice and simple.

A.     I think, it’s cool to go to the places where you will have fun, amusement park, and zoo. After you will have fun memories left. Or, I`d like to do something unusual,   A night picnic with stargazing, volunteering together, play board games at a coffee shop. I think that these places help both of you feel relaxed and it will not look like an interview.

About what girl/guy shouldn’t talk about on first date?

N.     On first date it`s not appropriate to talk about your exes and sex, all conversations are good to go. Interesting to talk about childhood or hobby.

A.     I agree that taboo conversations are exes, sex and your plans for future. I mean you can scare the guy, if you tell that you want to move somewhere, or you want to go visit some places, you know what I mean.

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