Favorite spring-summer 2015 fashion trends.

I`m just in love with fashion 2015. I like the fact, that people combine different styles and don`t afraid to look different. New style is not too “sweet” looking, cause you can add converse shoes to dress and back pack, and now you rock. I`ll show my favorite street style looks.


Last time I wore jump suit, I was 6 years old, pretty long time ago. I can say, I looked pretty cool and that’s why I really like that I can wear them again. There are a lot of different jump suits: colors, materials, length and the best part, that you can wear them as casually, as for the formal event.



I couldn’t even imagine, how people can wear sweat pants every day? But now I can see, fashion changed a lot, as the materials and colors for the sweat pants. Now you can add some pair of heels and classy shirt and you`re ready to go!





I never was too brave to wear crop top, but new fashion trend just ask to wear it. High waisted skirt, or pants and crop top, what a perfect combination?! You don’t show a lot of skin, but at the same time you look sexy.




And of course my favorite – converse shoes. I can wear them all the time and everywhere. Naah, I`m not obsessed.  I think, they add some edginess to the look. They are not too chunky, so it`s easier to pair them with dress, or skirt.




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