Favorite skin care products.

This year I had some skin problems and tried a lot of products to clean my skin.  I have few favorites that I even repurchased. They are not expensive and have pretty good quality. Let’s talk about them.


I have two products from Dr. Santé, face cream and micellar water. Both products are for normal and oily skin and have cucumber in it. I really like that after using cream your skin is not glowing, but at the same time it’s moisturized.  I use it after I washed my face. I`m really glad that, actually by accident bought micellar water, but it’s very good product. I use it usually in the morning, cause I don’t like to wash my face and this product solved my problem.  It makes my skin very soft and I really enjoy matte finish, cause it`s summer time and I hate when skin look oily.

Another good product is from Fresh Juice, gel cleanser with lime & aloe. First I thought that this product dries my skin a lot, but when I started using it regularly, I liked it. And I really like packaging, cause it gives you right amount of product that you need. I definitely will repurchase this cleanser.

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