Evening dresses.

I recently went on the wedding and I was really disappointed by the choice of dresses that people made. That’s a formal event and clothes choice should be appropriate. There are different people, but I want to give some ideas that can make your choice easier.

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Easy thing, you can choose any color you like, cause there are no strict rules, but it`s getting harder when we are talking about length. Better to choose something that will not be too short or too long, cause it makes you uncomfortable while you`re dancing. You should wear something that wouldn’t be too tight, cause you`ll eat food and tight dress will make you feel awkward.


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If you`re buying an evening dress, good decision would be to buy something classical. They are timeless and it`s a good decision to buy one like that, cause you can wear it multiple times.

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We all know our body shape. So, it`s good to show you beautiful legs or neckline. Use your strong points and cover everything else. No magic, just a piece of cloth.


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At the end I would like to share with you my dress. (Sorry for quality )


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