Couples street style.

Almost everyone has their own style, but what happened with it when you`re in relationship? Do you match with your fiancé? Or you dress up as you would normally do? I surfed through internet to see some couples outfits and it was super interesting, cause you can find totally different combinations and variety of people, clothes and outfits.


A lot of Asian couples are wearing same type of clothes, or they just match the colors.  I find it kinda interesting, but in the same time, I would never do that. They buy same outfits, or almost the same. They call each other to decide what type of clothes they want to wear, for example, today.  I think they put too much effort in it, but I like the result.


I really enjoy when couple dress up in the same style. I find it really beautiful, cause they have they own outfit, but together they look like one piece. It doesn’t matter what style couple will have, but idea is to bring feeling of completeness.


There is another type of people, who dress up totally in different styles and look cool. I think they have great taste, but as a couple they look bit strange and I know that I look exactly the same. By themselves they have great taste, but together they look confusing.



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