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Packing for vacation / Собираемся на каникулы

Tomorrow we leave for the Hawaii vacation! Yay! But before we leave I wanted to share with you my packing tips. I hope they will be useful for some of you.

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Step by step. Шаг за шагом.

     It`s been a while since I wrote something in my blog. A lot of things happened since summer and now I decided to share with you everything. Let`s start from the beginning.

      Много прошло времени с тех пор, как я писала в блоге. Много всего произошло за последнее время, начиная с лета, и вот я наконец-то решила рассказать вам обо всем. Начнем с самого начала.


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Back with some reviews.

Feel so bad, that I didn’t write here for a month and in the summer posts were not consistent at all, but I hope everything will be good from now on.  Some things happened during that time. I traveled a lot during the summer and I saw some places, which usually I can see only on pictures. I visited my grandparents in Ukraine, I know everyone thinks that is like a war there, but I can tell you, it`s not so bad, as they show, or just in Odessa maybe. Then my second year of university started together with relationship – it will be tough and interesting. So, let`s talk more about everything.


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5 things to know about Italy. My experience.

Recently I arrived to Italy and there are some things that were kinda different here, compare to my country. But I think in general it’s amazing European country. I’m staying in Rome now and I think everything here has so much character. Art is everywhere.


1. First thing that I felt when I arrived to Rome, Italy, that is hot. If you want come here you definitely should have sun screen and hat with you.

2. Here you should always have a bottle of water with you, cause here are a lot of fountains with drinking water.

3. Should be really careful crossing the roads, cause people drive crazy, you should be careful just in case.

4. Everyone knows English, so you’ll not get lost.

5. A lot of people sale stuff on the street and they put higher prices, so be ready to talk with them about “sale”.