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Fall Style.

Finally outside getting cooler and we all have same problem, what to wear? What type of coat do we want? With what to wear it? So, let`s get into some details.

Наконец-то на улице похолодало и у нас возникла проблема, что одеть? Какое пальто выбрать? С чем его носить? Давайте рассмотрим несколько вариантов.


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Who can make you laugh?

“There are so many beautiful girls around that after a while you start looking for someone who can make you laugh”

― Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City


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When the past knocks on your door.

I think, mostly everyone had this moment when your ex text you “just to talk”, but you have no idea what to do? What do you feel? What will be right to do? I want to share with you my thought about that.


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Beauty hacks that men found attractive.

You`re getting ready and putting products on your face, and your man looking at you with round eyes, and question “WHY?”.  But there are some beauty things  that they found attractive.  Let`s talk about them…



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10 Things Every Couple Needs To Stop Doing.

Every single person has their own habits, but what about when you are now dating somebody?! Most couples develop some good and bad habits, but I want to talk about bad one, so you can avoid doing them.


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7 Stages of comfortable in a relationship.

When we are alone we feel comfortable, walking with no makeup in your pj`s, but what about being next to another person all the time?  When you`ll not feel difference between being alone and next to you partner, that means your relationship went on a different level.


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10 Reasons Your Best Friend Would Make A PERFECT Boyfriend

We always separate “friend” from a “boyfriend”, but wouldn`t it be perfect if that was one person? It might be little bit awkward at the beginning, but then you`ll feel fine, cause he is you friend anyway.


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