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Choosing hat.

I know, for some of you hat, is just accessory, but for other people, it`s necessary. Now we can find any head covering that we want, but for me it`s still make a big difficulty, cause I don`t like any of them, or they don`t suit me at all. Let`s see what we can choose from.

Я знаю, что для некоторых шапки, шляпы, всего лишь аксессуар, но для других это необходимость. На сегодняшний день можно найти просто кучу разнообразных головных уборов, но для меня это и является самым сложным, потому что мне почти ничего не нравится или просто не подходит.  Давайте посмотрим, что же у нас есть.


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Fall Style.

Finally outside getting cooler and we all have same problem, what to wear? What type of coat do we want? With what to wear it? So, let`s get into some details.

Наконец-то на улице похолодало и у нас возникла проблема, что одеть? Какое пальто выбрать? С чем его носить? Давайте рассмотрим несколько вариантов.


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Dress Code.

‘Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.’ – Betsey Johnson.
We all know, that women, don`t necessarily think before they talk, but we definitely think what to wear, before we`re going out.


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Beauty hacks that men found attractive.

You`re getting ready and putting products on your face, and your man looking at you with round eyes, and question “WHY?”.  But there are some beauty things  that they found attractive.  Let`s talk about them…



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Orkide Olivia perfect pink color.


I wasn’t the person who usually paint nails in pinky colors, but my mom recently bought this new brand called Orkide Olivia in shade 206 and I really enjoyed the color. It`s not a bright pink, it`s very soft and kinda dark shade. This summer I prefer pastel blue or green color, but this one has something really soft and mature, hope you know what I mean.  I put two lairs of it and I like that it dries out pretty fast, so  I don’t need to stay four hours and wait till I can do something. The formula is not too liquid, so you can put even one lair and color will be really rich.  Cannot say anything how long it will stay on my nails, but it was for two days and looks good for now.  As I know it`s not expensive, so it`s perfect for the go to everyday color.

Couples street style.

Almost everyone has their own style, but what happened with it when you`re in relationship? Do you match with your fiancé? Or you dress up as you would normally do? I surfed through internet to see some couples outfits and it was super interesting, cause you can find totally different combinations and variety of people, clothes and outfits.


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Favorite spring-summer 2015 fashion trends.

I`m just in love with fashion 2015. I like the fact, that people combine different styles and don`t afraid to look different. New style is not too “sweet” looking, cause you can add converse shoes to dress and back pack, and now you rock. I`ll show my favorite street style looks.


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