Catching up with friend.

One day I went to meet with my good friend. Haven`t seen and talked with her for a while. We are getting older and meetings are getting so rare. But it was very nice to catch up with her. We were telling all news, everything what happened and mostly all our conversations were about relationships, house problems. We are getting older and now it`s time when everyone has serious relationships, getting married, having kids. But it`s so soon, everyone is hurrying up, but I don’t understand why? My friend, she`s dating with a guy for 3 years and they are living together, but there is no conversation about wedding, cause they don`t have any place to live together, money to pay for apartment, food, etc. I think it`s important to have stabile life, when you have enough money to live and then, you should think about marriage.  Nowadays, education is very important too. Good education level will provide you good job opportunity. We are just 20 years old, the most amazing time, when I want to go and have fun with my girlfriends and do not ask permission from my “husband”. Enjoy your time now, cause we will have opportunity to live boring and casual life, in future. Everything is good in its season. Other than that, we were sharing food recipes, as old ladies, news about university, I had a lot of thing to tell, cause it`s absolutely different experience, that school. I`m glad that I have friends like her, we cannot talk for a half a year, but when we see each other, we have something to tell.


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