Beauty hacks that men found attractive.

You`re getting ready and putting products on your face, and your man looking at you with round eyes, and question “WHY?”.  But there are some beauty things  that they found attractive.  Let`s talk about them…



Natural lip color.

Read lips are beautiful no doubts, but some men find them too aggressive and no way they will like sticky lip balm.  Better buy lipsticks with natural color, or slightly pink.


Lush lashes.

No, I`m not saying about putting fake eye lashes, that touch your eye brows and touch sun glasses. Just always use mascara, even if you don’t put any make up on.

Light blush.

I definitely can say that light pink chicks are more attractive than your bronze colored chicks. Two moves and you look very feminine.

Red nail polish.

I`m not talking about long nails. Simple, short and necessarily glossy. Most men found them sexy and if you feel very bored you can definitely experiment.

Hollywood waves.

Of course there are way more beautiful haircuts and hairstyles, but what men can know about them? They like way more classy, soft and natural Hollywood waves.


Floral perfume.

Not a lot of men can appreciate complicated smell compositions and some of them even cannot be attractive at all. If you are going on a date, better try some light floral smell.

Light tan.

Till summer is not over – tan. Men like when woman looks healthy and tan is one of the ways that can help you to obtain this effect.  But don’t use fake tan, cause it’s too visible.

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