Back with some reviews.

Feel so bad, that I didn’t write here for a month and in the summer posts were not consistent at all, but I hope everything will be good from now on.  Some things happened during that time. I traveled a lot during the summer and I saw some places, which usually I can see only on pictures. I visited my grandparents in Ukraine, I know everyone thinks that is like a war there, but I can tell you, it`s not so bad, as they show, or just in Odessa maybe. Then my second year of university started together with relationship – it will be tough and interesting. So, let`s talk more about everything.


First of all -travelling. I`ve been travelling for 3 weeks in Europe and I can say, that was AMAZING, I have tons of emotions still.  I was travelling with my host family from America, they were visiting me in Moldova and then we were flying to Europe. It has been 2 years sense I saw them last time, but I felt like nothing changed. More about travelling, we went to Italy, Switzerland and Germany, and we spent some time in France and Austria too, how cool is that?  Visited a lot of famous places like Coliseum and some amazing museums, in the same time we had opportunity just to walk on the streets and feel free to explore.


So, after my travelling, I went to visit my grandparent. I count it as a travelling too, another country by the way.  I spent 5 days in Ukraine, I was glad to see my grandparent, cause every single year they are getting older and that’s make me feel sad. I had a nice time there, I showed some recipes to my grandma, shared some stories with her and showed some pictures, and it was really nice.


Last thing that is going on still is university. We thought second year will be easier, but that was the biggest delusion ever.  From one point I can understand, cause now we have more specialized classes and they need somehow give us all information that we need in three years, but all what I can think of – it`s hard. As I sad previously, now I have a boyfriend and that makes my year harder like ten times. How people combine everything? I need to learn to manage my time better.

So, yeah, I hope I`ll get back to my normal regime and figure out how to manage my time and combine my emotions, friends, relationship, studying and of course some sleep.

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