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Polka dot dress for your spring wardrobe / Платье в горошек для вашего весеннего гардероба

If you still do not own polka dot dress, it`s a good time to buy one. This dress will always be stylish and I will help you to find the perfect one.

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Prom princess / Принцесса выпускного

The prom season is coming and I wanted to find and share with you some trendy prom dresses this year.

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Total pink / Абсолютно розовый

Going on vacation I decided to choose one color and stick to it. My choice stopped on the blush pink color.

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Packing for vacation / Собираемся на каникулы

Tomorrow we leave for the Hawaii vacation! Yay! But before we leave I wanted to share with you my packing tips. I hope they will be useful for some of you.

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Organic teeth whitening powder / Органический отбеливающий порошок

I had an opportunity to collaborate with organic teeth whitening powder Charblanco. Read more about my review of the product.

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Spring inspiration / Весеннее вдохновение

Going shopping you may see a lot of dresses with floral prints, why not buy one? It`s a perfect choice for the spring wardrobe.

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The best Instagram hashtags to get more followers/ Популярные хэштэги для продвижения в Инстаграм

  This topic, I think, is very interesting for me and I hope for you too. All Instagram users and bloggers want to grow their engagement.

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