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Holiday Night Out! 3 outfits

Since, we have some holidays coming up, I decided to put together some cloth pieces. I played around simple black clutch, that mostly every girl has and this adorable black heeled boots.



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An A-Z Cooking Tips.

Here I have some cooking tips for you guys. They are simple and maybe most of them you know, but usually you forget about them. I`ll try to post different types of A-Z tips and tricks. So, yeah… Let`s get started.

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Recent Purchases. MAC and Eveline Cosmetics.


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Bread Pudding.




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Red lipstick. Versace shick.

So, I had for a while this lipstick and didn’t know, if I like it, or not.  Let me introduce to you my Versace lipstick.



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Cinnamon Rolls. Easy and tasty recipe.

Cinnamon Rolls.

That’s probably my favorite desert ever. It`s easy to make and so delicious to eat. I tried it first time in America and I wanted all the time to recreate this recipe. So here I have easy recipe of yeast dough and delicious feeling.



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My Boot Collection. Five favorites.

I love comfortable shoes and mostly I`m wearing flats, but you know there are this days when you feel like “heels”. As every woman I`m obsessed with shoes. I cannot just walk next to shoe store, I need to enter and look what new collection they have. I buy them everywhere and it doesn’t matter if they don’t have brand name. So here I`ll show you my favorite five pairs of boots.

A BOY Ankle Boots. That was first time when I ordered shoes online (ASOS).I`m so glad that I have them, love TomBoy style.



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