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7 Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Spring came and it`s getting harder to focus on work and to study.  We are forcing ourselves to wake up and go to work, university, school.  It`s getting warm, sun is shining and our thoughts are somewhere else, but we should stay focused. I faced this problem and tried to do my best and concentrate. I created for myself some everyday tips that help me to stay focused during finals and university routine.



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3 online shopping tips.

Shopping is the most perfect and beautiful word for the woman. If we are happy or sad, we will go shopping! It`s very relaxing to walk in the store and try on gorgeous clothes. But how about online shopping? It`s something different, idea is that you will buy yourself something, but the problem is that you cannot touch it, try it on, you are like blind person, who should trust others.  Before I made my fist online order, I have made tons of researches about website, products, shipping and all that kinda stuff. So, I decided to share with you some tips about online shopping.



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First date?! What should I do?!

So, finally that day happened and you are going on the first date. You`re so excited and stressed at the same time. Tons of questions in your head, you try to make plan and figure out what you should wear? Where to go? Some conversation ideas.  Questions, questions and questions, just stop and relax, everything is not so stressful and you should go with a flow. So, here I have three most interested questions and me and my friend answered them, so you can see girl`s and boy`s view on the same questions.


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Movie Inspiration: The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything is one fall’s latest releases, and follows the life of famed English physicist Stephen Hawking, played by Eddie Redmayne, and his college sweetheart Jane Wilde, played by Felicity Jones.


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Advice for my teenage self.

I was wondering one day, what would I say to my teenage self? Do I have any advices?  I started to think about myself in age 13-15. That was the time when we were looking for something new, trying to look more mature. So, I asked my friends to answer some questions, what advice they will give themselves  about make up and style, friends and of course school.


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Cherry Galette.

Sounds like a really fancy desert, but I can tell you it`s very easy to make. You can experement you fillings and even combine them. Just be brave!


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Holiday Night Out! 3 outfits

Since, we have some holidays coming up, I decided to put together some cloth pieces. I played around simple black clutch, that mostly every girl has and this adorable black heeled boots.



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