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Silk dress / Шелковое платье

If you`re thinking about unforgettable dress, the silk dress will be perfect for you.

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Stay Hydrated

My biggest advice for the summer and every day – to stay hydrated.

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I never expire / Я никогда не истекаю

Recently I watched The Expiry Date | SK-II video and I was so impressed by it, so I decided to share with you, guys too.

Недавно я посмотрела видео The Expiry Date | SK-II и я была очень удивлена настолько глубоким значением, так что решила с вами им поделиться. Видео на английском языке.

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Summer dress / Платье на лето

I`m so happy to be back. Summer is almost here just couple weeks left and if you are up to shopping, I can give you some ideas of the summer dress. Let`s start.

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Summer midi skirt

Summer is coming and one thing that I absolutely will recommend to have in your wardrobe is midi skirt. I love everything about that fresh and comfortable look. See more ideas for the lovely summer look.

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Chocolate Bundt cake

When I saw this recipe on internet I immediately wanted to try it. Something that has coffee and chocolate cannot taste bad. I decided to share with you, friend the recipe with my personal little changes.

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Make a statement / Заяви о себе

Bigger is better – that should be the rule for your accessories this season.

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