An A-Z Cooking Tips.

Here I have some cooking tips for you guys. They are simple and maybe most of them you know, but usually you forget about them. I`ll try to post different types of A-Z tips and tricks. So, yeah… Let`s get started.



  1. Organize yourself. Write a prep list. Take the time to actually read recipes before you begin.
  2. Taste as you go!
  3. If you are cooking for someone important for you, never try new ingredient and new recipe at the same time.
  4. For best result when you are baking, live butter and eggs at room temperature overnight.
  5. To know if your oil is hot enough for frying, stick a wooden spoon in the oil. If bubbles form around the wood, then you are ready to go.
  6. Season all of your food from start to finish. Seasoning in stages brings the most out of your ingredients and gives you the most flavor.
  7. Taste before you serve.
  8. Music on, favorite beverage in hand – enjoy your time in the kitchen.
  9. Clean as you go,  it really helps.

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