Advice for my teenage self.

I was wondering one day, what would I say to my teenage self? Do I have any advices?  I started to think about myself in age 13-15. That was the time when we were looking for something new, trying to look more mature. So, I asked my friends to answer some questions, what advice they will give themselves  about make up and style, friends and of course school.


Make up or fashion does.

L.   I wouldn’t give any advice to myself in the past. The mistakes I made are now my best memories! Never regret your past.

D.  I would recommend teenagers, just find their style, something that you feel comfortable in. You should show your personality, who you are?! Don`t have any comments about teenage style, but for guys to wear suit pants with patent leather shoes, not a good combination. The same for girls, to wear pink tights with heels, it`s a disaster!

What can I say, it was kinda hard to find my own style and appropriate make up. I would tell myself, not to wear mom`s clothes or oversize clothes. They looked terrible. The same with make up, don’t wear too heavy eye make up. I used to do this and my mom always told me to wash my face, or stay home. I would say, that it`s really good to experiment and try all this things, cause you need advice. Better to hear about your terrible make up when you are 14 then 24.

One tip for school.

D.  Just one thing – study. It`s not a big dill. You should understand that all you are doing is just for yourself. Motivate yourself, start reading books and study individually. I know it`s hard from the beginning, but trust me, at the end you will be satisfied that you know so much about this world, and you have your vision on everything. Don’t leave for tomorrow, start it today.

V.  You are studying for 12 years of your life. There are no rules, that say what and how it`s better to do stuff. Most important is to decide what do you want and try to achieve you goal. School is just first step in your life. What advice can I give? Try to absorb all this knowledge that they give you at school, and by that I don’t mean you to become a nerd. Just find your place.

I actually liked school. I studied quite hard. Most my memories are connected to school and people from there. I tried to participate everywhere. I would just tell myself to be braver.

One tip for friends.  

V.  I never had a lot of friend. I think you cannot have too many best friends. Don’t try to be nice with everyone, you are wasting your time.   Better to find one or two people, whom you really can call best friend.  But when you will find that person, never push it back. You cannot choose family, but friend are the self-conscious choice.

L. People say, that there is no women friendship. Me and my friends are good example of the opposite. For friendship is really important to be honest and trust this people. Never say behind their back, that’s to childish.

D.  I think that you shouldn’t be so confident. That time when everything changes including you. Cannot say that to have many friends is bad, but find one person that is “yours”. You will have honest and good support.

I think person cannot be nice and like everyone. It`s good to have enemies, they make you stronger.  Good to have few best friends and try not to lose them. They will be all the time supporting you, whatever day it is, good or bad one. We shouldn’t shut ourselves down. There are billions of people in this world, so trust me, you will find your best friend.

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