Acceptable, or not?!

Let’s talk what is acceptable in relationships and what is not? It`s ok for you to talk about exes, or talk about your first kiss, about parents, about you future as a couple? All this things are “ok” to talk about, but we have one “but”, it should be a right time.


When I first meet people, I tell them some weird stories about myself, I know it’s not normal, cause first impression is important, but if I want to have this people as friends, I need to know, will they accept real me, or not.  I usually tell the story, when I went on a birthday party and there were only boys, except me. But sometimes I forget to tell, that is was in 7th grade.

But what about person who I like, what I`ll tell him? Actually, same thing, I want to be honest from the beginning, including 7th grade.  For the first couple months it’s normal to talk about everything, tell some childhood stories, fun moments, maybe your dreams. It`s a time when you need to get to know each other. For me it was easier. First we were friends and my worst mistake was – too much information about myself, but I can deal with it, I hope. I told about my teenage time, with weird haircut, some teenage scary pictures and some stories in general and now he wants to see my photo album, which I`ll show only to person to whom I`ll get married (great excuse) .

After, we had opportunity to talk about some personal stuff: like exes, first kiss and some other first times. Ohh that was hard, cause we have this image, that you never should talk about it, but all people are curious. But one thing I can tell – less is good. Answer on all his questions, but think about his grey hair, he doesn’t need it right now. So, think before you talk, I know it’s hard, but trust me, here it`s super important.

The last acceptable, but on time, thing to talk about, is your future. He`s telling about house of his dream and you , of course, correct him, cause you need a wardrobe, big one. This conversation show a totally different level of relationship and don`t try to talk about marriage and kids, if you don`t feel like you want it. Even for me it`s too much.  I`m the person who can talk about everything, but these conversations make me feel uncomfortable, cause I try to make these moments become as late, as possible.

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