9 topics to talk about in relationship.

When you are in a relationship it`s really important to talk with your partner. To discuss and share everything, only then you`ll have strong relationship. You should be good friend for your partner.


  1. Plans for the weekend.

You both should decide what to do during the weekend. Maybe you want  to discover some new places or just go to a movie.

  1. Daily worries.

You faced some problems during the day and you had hard time solving them, you definitely should tell that to your partner and discuss it. Fresh view, or just simple listening will be good for you.

  1. Work/studies.

Your boss yield at you, or your teacher gave you an interesting research. Good subjects to talk about.

  1. Little secrets.

We all have little secrets, that only we know. But you`re not alone, so you should share that with somebody else.

  1. Personal dreams.

Every person dream about something and you have opportunity to share your dream with a person you love. Maybe you have some similar dreams and you both can make them real.

6. Friends.

You spend a lot of time with your friends and it`s good to discuss this moments with your partner, about good/ bad decisions they`ve made.

  1. Your past.

I think, that`s the hardest topic to talk about for some people. But it`s really good to discuss some past mistakes and show other person how you improved.

  1. Sex talk.

You never should post pone this talk. Problems in the bedroom are really good theme to talk about, as health or other problems. The same with good moments that happened, stimuli are good too.

  1. The future.

I`m not talking about next week, or even moth, I mean next five years. Maybe you want to travel to some places, buy new car, or apartment. Plans for future it`s a nice subject for your conversation.


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