7 Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Spring came and it`s getting harder to focus on work and to study.  We are forcing ourselves to wake up and go to work, university, school.  It`s getting warm, sun is shining and our thoughts are somewhere else, but we should stay focused. I faced this problem and tried to do my best and concentrate. I created for myself some everyday tips that help me to stay focused during finals and university routine.



  1. Decide what you want.

What do we want from this year? Hard question, but every day we say ourselves that “I need to lose weight”, “I need to study harder”, but we never realize our goals. So, set your goals and try to do your best.

  1. Plan your day.

I know it sounds hard. But, if you try to set your plan for the day, you`ll get a great result at the end. Before bed, write your schedule for the next day, trust me you can accomplish everything.

  1. ABCD method.

You need to put priorities, cause you cannot manage to do everything. A (the most important) B (less important)…

  1. Comfortable surroundings. Comfort zone.

You should maximize your surroundings. Put comfortable chair, make tea, or coffee, light on candles, use the handiest equipment.

  1. Push yourself.

Sometimes we feel too lazy to do something. We find tons of reason not to do something. Just force yourself to stand up from bed and work.

  1. Find stimuli.

It`s always good to know, that at the end of hard work you`ll have a big piece of cake, or you will be able to go shopping. Just invent some stimuli that will help you to finish the work.

  1. Don`t rely too much on technology.

You are too dependent from our computer, laptop and phone. We cannot live without technology, that’s our generation problem. So, would be nice to limit ourselves  by using them less.



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