7 tips how to start new life.

New day, new life.  We cannot change totally everything, but we can try to make some changes. Let`s try to change something.


  1. Go for a morning run…

… or to gym, or start to do any sport activities during the day. They will help you to improve your health and body shape.


  1. Turn off computer…

… and do everything you left for later, or you wanted to do. You are wasting your precious time by spending it next to your lap top.


  1. Clean your desk…

…or you room, or any space. Psychologists say, that our room, shows our feelings, emotions.


  1. Change your hair color…

… or hairstyle. You`ll feel yourself as another person. This little change will help you to change your attitude.


  1. Become friends with your enemy…

… or person you don’t really like. Maybe this person is not so bad, as you thought. It`s good experience for you to change your surroundings.


  1. New hobby…

… that you always wanted to do, but there was no time for that. That’s exactly right time to start something interesting and fascinating.


  1. Say YES!

Your friends invited you few times to cafeteria, but you refused. From now on you should accept this proposal. Different atmosphere will help you to change your life perspectives.


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