7 tips how to become more confident.

Who is that confident person? What quality he/she should have? Am I a confident person? Tons and tons of questions we ask ourselves. But the answer is really near, you can become that person every single day. Here I have a little list of tips that can help you to develop your confidence.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

We always look at others and feel like we are not enough pretty, smart as they are. But, trust me, you have qualities that somebody else don’t have.

2. Stop criticizing yourself.    

You should always see only good things and never tell yourself that you are a failure.

3. Forgive and forget.

Life is too short to be mad at somebody. Wish only good stuff to your enemies.

4. Communicate with happy, confident people.

You should surround yourself only with happened people , cause they will bring that happiness in your life.

5. Do what you like.

Never look at others, if you like to do something, you definitely should do it.

6. Live your own life.  

Some people will give you tons of advices, but that’s your life and last word is yours.

  1. Create list with your good qualities.

Sounds simple, but is not. You will stuck on some of them, but trust me you have more than that.

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