7 things that girls never tell.


  1. Women intuition exists. She really knows why you made a pause before you said about you colleague at work. Best way not to lie.
  2. Every girl thinks that her ex-boyfriend still waiting for her to come back. And they really wait for that moment.
  3. When girl start her conversation with… “You are really nice guy…” – you can pack your stuff.
  4. With much bigger enthusiasm girl will like to be called “raccoon” then baby”, or “bunny”. As sophisticated is the nickname, as likely you`ll not call other girl like that.
  5. At the beginning of relationships she always flirting with your good friends, or colleagues. Cause she wants them to tell you: “She is really nice, good choice!”
  6. On the first date she can accept lack of money or that you are not perfectly shaved. But not only boredom, or lack of imagination.
  7. She doesn’t mind to have sex on the first date. But she won’t do that anyways.

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