7 Stages of comfortable in a relationship.

When we are alone we feel comfortable, walking with no makeup in your pj`s, but what about being next to another person all the time?  When you`ll not feel difference between being alone and next to you partner, that means your relationship went on a different level.


  1. First of all, not caring if he sees you without make up on. For some girls that might be not a problem at all, but for the rest, it`s a hard moment. I was so nervous and felt so uncomfortable at the beginning, but after a while I was perfectly fine. You also skip shaving your legs every single time you see him, I know sounds incredible.
  2. Sending a text without re-reading it tons of times. You say everything you think about and don`t care anymore how everything sounds together and how emojis fit there.
  3. Ordering what you really want to eat on a date. You don`t think how cute you`ll look like eating Big Mac.yum
  4. Sleeping next to him, and really sleep. You finally understood that there is something more than cuddling – sleep.
  5. Having sex with the lights on. You`re comfortable with your body in front of him and you find even sexier.
  6. Showing your school pictures. Showing him your boys haircut and braces, it was you nightmare, but now you`re fine showing to another person.
  7. Not holding back your ugly cry. It was a really sad movie and you tried to keep you emotions, but it`s just happened and now you`re crying.


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