5 Things To Do When You’re Bored.

All of you probably know, that feeling, when you are bored, but you are not willing to do a real work. You try to find some other stuff to do, something fun. Usually, I have this mood during the weekend.  So, I crated a small list of my favorite things to do.


  • Write a story.

Everyone has in mind story that he/she would like to write about, but we never do that.  I think, it`s perfect time to write it. I like to make sketches of my ideas, or even write little stories.

  • Clean your desk.

During the week we don’t have time to clean our deck, but one day you can spend doing that. You probably have some old notebooks, notes or other stuff that you don’t need anymore.  I find it very fun thing to do, cause sometimes I see old notebooks that I still keep and when I read them, I laugh a lot, about my thoughts or drawings.

  • Read a book.

We all have list of books that we would like to read some day.  And here you have free time, you are bored, I think that’s a perfect time to do that.

  • Bake.

I know, for some people that will sound crazy boring. Baking, really? But, there are people like me, who love doing that. When I have nothing to do, or I`m stressed, I go to the kitchen and bake something for my friends and family.

  • Organize your closet.

There are tons of clothes in your closet that you usually don’t wear, why they are still there? Put them in the box and hide. Make everything comfortable for you. It`s really fun to look through your closet and find some old pieces. The best part is to try everything on, but don’t forget, that you are organizing, not making a mess.

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