5 things no woman should ever wait for a man to do.

We are waiting all the time till “that man” will come, but what should we do right now? There are so many life opportunities, why we should postpone them?


  1. Buy the bling yourself.

We all know that diamonds are girl`s best friend, so why then we cannot buy them? Why we are waiting till somebody will give it to us? You want it, just go and buy a treat to yourself.


  1. Take your own honeymoon.

You can definitely do it by yourself.  It`s your time, your decision and it will help your self-esteem.  You have to legs, two arms and healthy body, then why not?


  1. Date yourself.

It`s Friday evening, why you are still home? Put your fancy dress, call your girlfriends and go have some fun.


  1. Get out of dodge.

You like Italian architecture? Or you just enjoy Asian food. It`s hard to imagine moving to another place, but you have one life and you should have different experience. Just do it!


  1. Splunge on the expensive lingerie.

You definitely don`t want to end you wearing grandma`s pj`s. You should think about yourself all the time. You should make yourself comfortable and confident.

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