3 online shopping tips.

Shopping is the most perfect and beautiful word for the woman. If we are happy or sad, we will go shopping! It`s very relaxing to walk in the store and try on gorgeous clothes. But how about online shopping? It`s something different, idea is that you will buy yourself something, but the problem is that you cannot touch it, try it on, you are like blind person, who should trust others.  Before I made my fist online order, I have made tons of researches about website, products, shipping and all that kinda stuff. So, I decided to share with you some tips about online shopping.




  1. Do your research.

It`s really important to look up in internet all possible information about the website. Same as feedbacks, they usually share with their experience.  Good to know what to expect.

  1. Know your measurements.

Most websites have their size guide, it really helps, cause all what you need to do, is to take your body measurements.  You know your body shape, so when you look at the model you should think carefully how it will look on you. My most common problem is the length and usually I look at the model`s high to compare how it will look on me.

  1. Look for any merchant offers, coupons or discount codes.

Some websites have good offers, you can save lots of money by using them. So, very good to surf through website for any good discounts.

From my experience I can tell, that I bought some good and not good things. Usually, I order stuff from ASOS, but I had experience ordering from Chinese website too. All what I got is something that I expected. If the price was too low, I knew that the quality will be the same.

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