10 ways to get a guy to ask you out.

From the beginning I want to say that, there is no unique formula that will help to get a guy to ask you out. But there are some ways, that definitely will help you to achieve your goal. So, let`s get started!


  1. Be you.

I think, that`s the most important thing. Cause when we are nervous, or we talk with a person for the first time, we try to pretend that we are perfect, but that’s not true. We should show our true personality.

  1. Dress as you normally would.

The worst thing ever, is to feel uncomfortable for the whole time, you will make uncomfortable other person too. So dress up as you normally would, cause that’s your unique style.

  1. Accentuate your best physical features.

First impression is really important, so you know what suits you best. To wear high fashion clothes is not the most important thing.

  1. Don’t be fake.

Show your real feelings and emotions.

  1. Make an eye contact.

When you look at somebody’s eyes, you can see their feeling and emotions. Don’t be shy to look at his eyes and it`s really important to remember color of his eyes.

  1. Just smile.

Smile is a key to success. Everyone looks better when they smile! Be happy!

  1. Be clear.

Say what you want to say. Guys don’t understand hints.

  1. Make him smile.

Girls with sense of humor are the best and guys feel more relaxed talking with them.

9.  Listen.

Never interrupt guy, listen everything he wanted to say to you, it`s important to him.

10.  Don’t talk about yourself to much.

Leave some moments of your life for later and sometimes is good to enjoy the silence. Don’t  scare guy with a ton of information about yourself.


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