10 Things Every Couple Needs To Stop Doing.

Every single person has their own habits, but what about when you are now dating somebody?! Most couples develop some good and bad habits, but I want to talk about bad one, so you can avoid doing them.



  1. Give your partner you partial attention. We can sit next to the person and don`t say a word, but in that time check our email or test your friends, but what about person next to you? Sounds terrible, of course you need to do all these stuff, but in your own time. When you are with your partner, be ready do give him/her all your attention and communicate.
  2. Skimping on the compliments. And “YES!” girls, you too. Don`t you want to say you partner how good they look, or how creative they are. Encourage your partner.
  3. Keeping score. Of course, sometimes you can keep score and compete with each other, but doing that all the time, will make you argue all the time. You always give more, than get, think about that. Don`t damage your relationship.
  4. Not being a person of your word. Your partner should know that can trust you. Try to make promises, that you`ll actually be able to realize. For me personally, is the most important.
  5. Talking more that listening. Now everyone have in their brain annoying girlfriend who talks NON Stop, you cannot even put a word and that will be exactly correct. Sometimes you need just to calm down and listen to your partner. They have something to tell you too. Communication should involve more listening, that talking.
  6. Listening passively only. Listening is not just shaking your head and saying “Yes” or “Not”. You should ask questions and clarify something you don’t understand, yes, that’s a lot of “work”.
  7. Making relationship lower on the priority scale. Usually at the beginning we are into relationship, but after they loose that priority to be on the first place. I know kids, job and friends are important, but don`t forget about the person who is always next to you.
  8. Offering criticism. Remember that nobody is perfect, you too. Don’t give too much criticism, it can break down your relationship very quickly. Tell your criticism in more diplomatic way.
  9. Nagging one another. That habit can destroy any relationship. It`s normal to say something you don`t like, but there are some limits. Treat your partner like a responsible adult, not like a child.
  10. Trying to change each other. Be ready for the consequences, cause definitely they will be. First try to change something in yourself and then you partner will follow you.

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