10 Reasons Your Best Friend Would Make A PERFECT Boyfriend

We always separate “friend” from a “boyfriend”, but wouldn`t it be perfect if that was one person? It might be little bit awkward at the beginning, but then you`ll feel fine, cause he is you friend anyway.


  1. He remembers all your ex-boyfriend stories. And if he is a smart guy, he will not repeat his bloomers. He knows that you hate getting cloves instead of roses (you are not a veteran!).
  2. You remember all his ex-girlfriend stories. And you know what he likes, or not. She called hot hundred times, you will call only 99.
  3. You already know him and trust him, that means you don’t feel ashamed.
  4. At the beginning he was your friend and didn’t think about dating with you – that means you have a lot in common.
  5. You know how to make each other laugh. You are not afraid that you jokes will be not funny, or he will not understand them, cause he likes other movies or TV shows. But if you made inappropriate joke, you`ll not feel too bad, friend will forgive you.
  6. Your “friendship” period made you ready for the romantic part. You had so many exiting moments, when he almost kissed you. That means you had enough time to dream about each other.
  7. You both know each other’s happy or sad memories from the childhood. And understand why he acts differently sometimes.
  8. You always can say when he looks tired, after work, or angry on you, or feel sad about something personal. If he looks upset, you don’t need to ask why ,cause you can guess.
  9. He will not invite you on a date in place you don’t like. That means you`ll not feel bored in nightclub, or feel scared on a horror movie.
  10. You know that person, but not everything, cause some parts of our personality we show to person we like. Form one side you are with person you know, but from other, you have a lot of things to discover.

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