10 important things to do in your 20s.

I`m 20, I think that`s such an amazing time. I`m kinda adult, but can do some spontaneous things and don`t be scared to look foolish. It`s time when we absorb all information and make a lot of important decisions. I made a list of great things to do in 20s.


  1. Very important to read a lot. Read as much, as we can. You never know, when you`ll need all that knowledge.
  2. Try to communicate with everyone. Don`t avoid other people, considering them not good for you, they can help you to find friends, clients, work.
  3. Don`t be shy, it`s waste of time. Don`t let your emotions to overpower.
  4. Talk more with people older than you. Try to figure out what is important for them, their surrounding and how they make decisions.
  5. As we get older, we get more conservative. So, if you want to do risky thing, do it now, till you are young.
  6. Don`t waste your money on small thing, keep them and buy something important. Cause that will help you to be one step closer to your goal.
  7. Don`t gain weight , when you`re young. Know it`s sounds funny, but you should be active.
  8. Write down your “genius” thoughts. Memory it`s not enough and it doesn`t matter, how fantastic your thoughts are.
  9. Have a big dream. To be flexible is good, but without dream your life can go on circles.
  10. Learn as many languages, as possible. It will help to high your intelligence and teach you.

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